• Clean & Green Solutions for Urban Developments.
  • VISION: Delivering innovative environmental solutions that creates value to our society.
  • MISSION: We strive to create value for our customers with our innovative solutions and achieve customer satisfaction with our high quality products and services.

About Us

Existence and drive

To continue the endeavor in localizing the technology of Pneumatic Waste System and development in Recycling Chute Storage System, our founder Mr. Cheong Kong Chuan set up Greenwave Solutions (GWS) in 2009 with this purposeful mission in mind.

Since 2002, Mr. Cheong headed the localization and development of the above technologies in SembEnviro. During his tenure there, he secured government funding for his work in both technologies. The objectives of his distinct pursuits are to develop and refine both systems to suit and meet local urban requirements, as well as to bring the cost of implementation down.

Today, GWS specializes in engineering design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance work for Pneumatic Waste System, Recycling Chute Storage System, and Central Vacuum System focusing on innovative clean and green technologies for urban developments. As the only player in Singapore with integrated capabilities from technology development to fabrication, installation, and maintenance, we are steadily recognized for delivering innovative and cost competitive solutions.

Together with our vision, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 and bizSafe Star standards which serve as our foundation for our mission.  Occupational health and safety issues shall always be of great importance in the course of our work. Hence, we have achieved OHSAS 18001 and SS506 certification so as to value-add our customers. We are registered with BCA under ME11 L5. We will continue to engineer innovative environmental solutions creating value for our customers achieving customer satisfaction with our quality products and services.


GREENWAVE ENGINEERING (GWE) is an affiliate company of GWS.  Our main objective for setting up GWE is to rationalize the manpower intensive activities for fabrication, site installation and maintenance services under a dedicated and independent company. Since its inception in Sep 2011, GWE has expanded its scope of services to include electrical wiring work, control panel fabrication, and other minor construction work.  Besides providing a more holistic approach to delivering absolute solutions for GWS flagship products, GWE is now capable of providing cost-competitive engineering services beyond the construction industry.